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News and Articles

Out of Sight and Out of Mind, A New Oceanic Imperialism.
Sustainable Shellfish, Recommendations for Responsible Aquaculture
Seattle PI-- Cashing in on Geoducks
Asian appetite for state's farm-raised geoducks raises environmental questions.
Studies related to impacts of intensive commercial shellfish aquaculture around the world.
CSAS: Assessing Habitat Risks Associated with Bivalve Aquaculture
Questions About Salmon.
Investigations into how salmon find their home streams.
Recreational Activities may harm Salmon Habitat.
Salmon: Faster Learners
Tribes win ruling on salmon
Duwamish Provided a Feast to Native Americans.
The Geoduck Chronicles
Dirty Jobs - Gooey Ducks
Inappropriate political influence ruined seven endangered species decisions.
Geoduck industry targets east shore of Key Peninsula.
Booming geoduck farms move closer to shore.
Viagra on the Half Shell.
Geoduck farming buries friendships.
Oysters and Willapa Bay
Bush and Callow Act affecting tidelands
Bush and Callow Act description.
WDFW Geoduck (Panopea Abrupta)
Tiny Shrimp Present Jumbo Problem.
Extinction Threat to Wild Salmon.
Bonanza beneath the sea
Puget Sound Orcas feeding in California--again.
Puget Sound, One Man's Indictment, Love Poem and Call to Arms.
Sandy Beach Habitat, the Olympian, May 7, 2008
Coastal Habitats in Puget Sound, Technical Report 2006-1
Chain of legal actions planned to fight fish farms
Failing our Sound, Seattle Times, May, 2008
Low Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Hood Canal
Sardines with your Bagel, New York Times
Marine Invaders and Aquaculture
Olympia Oyster Restoration Project
Marine Invaders in Puget Sound
All in the shellfish family
Evaluating habitats across the space-time continuum
Taylor Shellfish Illegally Farmed Public Tidelands
Juvenile Salmonid Composition, King County
Muddy Waters, Audubon - Ted Williams, 2008
$1.3 Million Geoduck Fine?  Seattle PI
Shellfish Grower May Face Fines,  Olympian
Oceans being killed off to feed livestock, farmed fish.  Seattle PI
The Olympia Expedition
Puget Sound 'action agenda' unveiled
State to allow Taylor Shellfish to harvest geoducks
Defining 'Best Available Science'
Goldmark Inherits Shellfish Ruling
Don Brunell (Ass. of WA Business) blasts 'NIMBY's  
Time to get rid of giant Puget Sound geoduck feedlots - Pacific Fishing 
Distributing the Burdens of Proof, Van Den Belt
Assessing the global threat of invasive species to marine biodiversity, Molnar
Impacts of shellfish aquaculture around the world
CPPSH - PCC presentation
CPPSH position paper
Oysters planted for restoration should not be harvested
Comparisons of Steelhead Abundance
Taylor Shellfish files suit against DNR
Oyster decision could alter bay
The future of oysters in the Chesapeake
Dirty jobs mussels
DNR-Taylor settle Totten Inlet Trespass
State to Inventory Tidelands after another Taylor Shellfish Trespass
Tough Choices in the Recovery of Puget Sound
Judge rejects Maury Island gravel-mine permit
A Challenge to Conservationists, World Watch
PSP "State of the Sound" report falls short of expectations
BC slaps moratorium on finfish and shellfish aquaculture licenses
Two arrested in poaching of oysters and clams
Shell Games: geoduck poaching
Closed containment fish farming
Turning Tide, Mason County Journal, June, 2010
Two Side of a Geoduck Tube, Key Pen News, June, 2010
State settles with shellfish growers over trespass, June, 2010
Chinese shell out big money for "virility" geoducks
Mason County Journal article
Chinese mafia rakes in millions from "Puget Sound gold" 
Economic benefits, ecological questions stall geoduck industry's growth
Corp's permit program threatens salmon habitat