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 CPPSH REPORT, Dec. 2009          President's Message       CISA Mailing


Pesticide Lawsuit
Van Blaricom-Price

Pearce-Subtidal Ge
PSP-Habitat P8
PSP-Biodiversity P1
Geoduck Aquaculture
Salmon Recovery
Benthic Communities of Intertidal-Van Blaricom
Zostera Japonica in North America
Jones and Stokes NWP48
Van Blaricom geoduck research
SHB Prehearing Order
SHB Petition for review
Coalition/Thurston Appeal
Association for Responsible Shellfish Farming
The David Suzuki Foundation
WDFW SalmonScape
Wild Fish Conservancy
The Alliance for Puget Sound Shorelines
EarthShare of Washington
Senate Bill Report 2SHB 2220
SeaGrant Workshop on Bivalve Culture 
Bush Callow Act
Toxic Tradeoff-A Clean Water for Salmon Campaign Report
Fish Base 
Oceans Conservancy
Georgia Strait Alliance
Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership
Puget Sound Partnership
Marine Forage Fishes in Puget Sound by Dan Penttila
Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association (PCSGA)
Pacific Shellfish Institute
PCSGA geoduck propaganda pages
PCSGA shellfish propaganda pages
PCSGA propaganda quotes
Geoduck Culture on Intertidal Beaches, Joth Davis
Entrix Study 2004
ACOE NWP 48 for existing geoduck 6/27/2007
ACOE NWP 48 for existing geoduck by county
Mason County Geodata
Mud Flats: Life Under the Mud
Murky Waters: Environmental Effects of Aquaculture
Marine Aquaculture in the U.S.
Hypoxia Fact Sheet
WS Ecology Coastal Atlas
Shellfish Aquaculture Regulatory Committee (SARC)
Kelp and eelgrass in Puget Sound
Adverse effects on EFH
Pacific State Marine Fisheries Commission
Puget Sound as EFH
What is EFH
Environ Bibliography with CISA forward
Pearce presentation to BCSGA
B.C. legislature minutes, 2007: Pearce
CISA Powerpoint Presentation
CISA letter to Pierce County PALS re: Dutcher Cove, April, 08
Free and Common
Dutcher Cove Slideshow
Dutcher Cove Parcel Map
Shellfish farm study, Bendell-Young
The Willner Study
SARC comments
Seattle Shellfish letter
Salmon in the Nearshore: what do we know and where do we go?
Juvenile Salmonid Composition with Dietary Analysis Part 1
Juvenile Salmonid Composition with Dietary Analysis Part 2
Ferry Terminal Salmon Research Project
Mud Matters! Structural complexity of biogenic habitats
International Declaration Against Salmon Farming
Orca Network
Geoduck aquaculture, impacts on salmon
Assessing the global threat of invasive species to marine biodiversity
Invasive species: what we do
PSP Species and biodiversity
PSP Habitat and Land Use
Environ Technical Memorandum, Feb. 2008
Environ Supplemental Analysis, Oct. 2008
Taylor Shellfish ECOP
PCSGA-NSA meeting 08, P. Sean McDonald presentation
CISA letter in response to Environ
SARC guidelines for geoduck
Shellfish aquaculture in South Sound (map)
Shellfish aquaculture in North Sound
Aquatic resources program-ESA compliance project
Geoduck Aquaculture-digging deep for answers
Taylor Shellfish lawsuit against DNR
DNR response to Taylor
SMA assessment
Totten trespass: why Taylor should have known
Sierra Club press release
Pearce letter to Dewey, Nov. 08
Report of the marine aquaculture task force, January 2007
Effects of aquaculture on Wintering shorebirds
Introduction of non-native oysters
Harmful algal blooms on the US West coast
Marine biotoxins and harmful algae
Sierra Club aquaculture flyer, April 2009
NWP 48 Biological Opinion, U.S. Fish & Wildlife
NWP 48 Biological Opinion, NMFS/NOAA
Setting Buffers for Wetlands
Shellfish farm myths
Horwith/Ruesink, effects of geoduck aquaculture on eelgrass, 2009
SMA symposium, 1991
West Coast Governors' agreement on ocean health 
State of the nearshore - Pentec 2001
Pentec 2003 Habitat Assessment
Shoreline Critical Salmon Habitat
KGI Watershed
Impacts to EFH - NOAA
Shoreline Modification Issues
WS Ecy on PVC
WS Ecy on AG opinion
Coastal Habitats
Rusted Shield
Taylor Mussel Raft Water Column EIS Study
Eric Gant (Manatee Holdings)-geoduck aquaculture proposal to BCSGA
Taylor Shellfish update-BCSGA
Taylor Shellfish makes deal with Island Scallops
Shellfish farming, Gorge Harbor, B.C.
VanBlaricom geoduck updates (Seagrant)
Bivalve Aquaculture Dialogue
Rockfish DEIS
Letter to DNR from North Bay citizen
Pictures of trapped eaglet in Henderson Bay
Carrying capacity for mussel culture
Profile of South Sound's Health - Dewey - PS Council
An Unseen Carbon Sink (wetlands)
Clam Wars - KUOW
SEPA - New Taylor Trespass in Case Inlet
SEPA - Taylor Trespass - North Bay Checklist
Joint Public Notice - Brian Allen applies for geoduck farm on public tidelands
Worldwide protest against WWF's aquaculture council
Eco-Pros: planting plastic
401 Water Quality Certification
Sierra Club letter to ACOE, Jan. 5, 2010
Jones and Stokes letter - NWP48
NWP48 USFWS Habitat Comments
NWP48 USFWS Letter
PCSGA presentation to Sierra Club, Nov. 2009
Sierra Club Response to PCSGA
Robin Downey's letter to David Dicks
PCSGA propaganda video: "Farming the Tidelands"
Coalition response to Downey
Evidence of near zero nearshore habitat harm... D.F. Flora
Scientists Response to Flora
Sierra Club letter on Flora Report
Geoduck Aquaculture Interim Progress Report - SeaGrant
GMHB decision - Shellfish vs. Pierce/Ecology
Geoduck research update
Pietros-Rice oyster filtration study
Taylor-Gregoire letters
Mud Shrimp threatened with extinction
The ecological role of bi-valve aquaculture - Dumbauld
Imidacloprid - beyond pesticides
Sierra Club aquaculture presentation
Conflicts between shellfish aquaculture and fishing
South Sound watershed profile
Chesapeake Bay Oyster Restoration
CISA letter to Jay Manning
Letter from South Sound citizen on destruction of Sand Dollars
Native shellfish in nearshore ecosystems
WAC shoreline uses
CISA/Coalition letter to DNR re. mussel raft conversion
Sierra Club letter to ACOE and DOE re: Spenser Cove Rafts
Coalition letter to ACOE and DOE re: Spenser Cove Rafts
Email from WDFW re: removal of sand dollars
Letter from Seattle Shellfish to Ecology re: sand dollar removal
DNR application for geoduck harvest in North Bay from Taylor trespass
Geoduck aquaculture investigations in Puget Sound
Pest Management Strategic Plan for Bivalves
DNR Aquaculture Forum, May 2010
Aquaculture in Eelgrass
Revised PSRCP (rockfish)
NOAA testimony: Neil Frazer
Magnuson-Stevens Tech. guidance on EFH
Eelgrass and geoduck aquaculture on Fisk Bar in Samish Bay
The use of PVC for aquaculture in Puget Sound
Aquaculture - impacts to fish habitat
Seattle Shellfish letter criticizing DNR Forum
Japanese eelgrass monitoring
Denman Island letter
CISA letter to EPA
Final BA - Environ
Nearshore Birds in Puget Sound - Buchanan
Intertidal juvenile Chinook behaviors - Semmons
CISA letter to DNR regarding Spenser Cove proposal
Longbranch Appeal Testimony - Moore
Plastic ingestion by fish
Organic pollutants absorbed on plastic debris
Transport and release of chemicals from plastics
Plastic resin pellets as transport medium
Invasions by marine life on plastic debris
Pollution by marine plastic debris
Bio-based plastic - Mirel
Synthetic polymers in the marine environment
Geoducks considered aphrodisiacs in Asia because of large phallic appearance
Longbranch DNS PP
Shorebirds - effects of aquaculture
Intro of non-native oysters - effects
Seagrant/Fisher email
Plastic debris ingestion by marine catfish
Preferential use of nearshore kelp habitat by salmon and forage fish
PCSGA letter to NOAA
DNR SEPA Blake Island Geoduck Harvest
DNR SEPA Port Gamble Geoduck Harvest
Effects of suspended sediment on forage fish eggs and larvae
Longbranch appeal testimony - Gilbert and Johannessen
Longbranch appeal testimony - Penttila and Moore
Longbranch appeal - Moore rebuttal
F&W letter, Japanese eelgrass
Thurston County Superior Court Decision
Thurston County Ruling of the Court - oral transcript
Price Master Thesis
PSP Action Agenda 09'
Mason County Journal Article
Sea Grant Report Feb. 2012
CISA letter to DOE - Jap. Eelgrass
CISA Appeal to JARCC regarding DOE rules
So. Sound Sci. Symposium 08' Gaydos address
NMFS letter 4.23.11
NMFS letter 10.13.11
DNR Simonstad letter 5.8.99
Fish Distribution.....Toft, et.al. 2007
Benthic prey by salmonids, Harvey/White 2008
SHB 11-019 Petitioners Closing Brief
Johannessen PP 2012
Moore PP 2012
Volker Press Release 401
Volker 401 CISA
8977 NWS
9005 NWS
9012 NWS
Appeal to DOE Denial of Rule
DOE Response
Japanese Eelgrass Landye Bennett comments March 2012
Aquaculture impact to forage fish
Gregoire response letter
Nitrogen - Herrera
Nitrogen - Steinberg/Brett
Penttila ACOE comments
Penttila summary
Thurston County Mussel Raft Decison
Commissioners Decision
Moon snail study - Bendell
Geochemical intertidal study - Bendell
GIS study - Bendell, Wan
Community structure study - Bendell
WDFW email on predator netting
Save our seagrasses - Sierra Club
Hood Canal nitrogen study - Echols et al.
Thurston-Taylor Totten Mussel Raft HE Supplemental Decision-July 14, 2012
Thurston-Taylor Totten Mussel Raft Decision-July 19 2012
Thurston--Taylor-Arcadia Superior Court Transcript-Geoduck 10-21-11
PCHB-Summary Judgment-Fudge Point-Geoduck-September 28, 2012
SHB-Majority Decision Longbranch Geoduck-July 13, 2012
SHB-Dissent (Sommers) Longbranch Geoduck-July 13, 2012
SHB Marnin v. PCSGA
CISA/PCHB Settlement agreement 2012
Japanese eelgrass testimony 2012
This isn't your grandfather's farm
Pesticides and oysters, Gagnaire et al, 2007
Nutrients presentation, DOE Roberts, 2012